Mar 7-2018

Re : Mark Young of Lean process Group


To Whom it may concern,

Mark Young was instrumental in helping us with our greenfield start up. Employee training, equipment layout and process optimization. After production started we brought Mark Young back to help run Kaizen events to help us increase throughput without adding additional labor or production time. Mark has many years of Manufacturing experience coupled with his strong Lean talent and fundament als, gives him a great sense of visualizing opportunities within any business unit.







Corey Deschamps

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My experience with Mark Young

The effectiveness of Lean Manufacturing really sank in for me when, on a visit to Boehmer Box (Forest Resources’ folding carton operation in Kitchener Ontario), our hourly employees presented their activities in optimizing the business. Under Mark’s leadership, Boehmer was transformed from a plant in disarray, after a poorly executed relocation, to a finely tuned operation with all employees engaged and accountable. With the understanding that employees running equipment eight hours a day know most about that equipment, Mark engaged employees, involving them in quantifying their performance, limitations to improvement, and focused on removing those limitations. This empowerment improved plant performance to the degree shift supervisors were not needed, providing a major cost savings.

Perhaps the best statement of the effectiveness of the employee engagement of Lean Manufacturing was our experience in a union organizing drive. Boehmer Box has been a target of the CEP Union for several years. An organizing drive occurred in 2007 and was rejected by the workforce. Again in 2011 the CEP attempted to organize. During this organizing effort, management issued an employee communication (recycled from the previous organizing effort in 2007) which made reference to the competitive nature of the business, and made mention of inefficient plants that had not survived.

The organizing effort again led to a vote and the Union was again rejected by the workforce. The Union filed an unfair labor practice claim against the Company, claiming the memo referencing plant closings constituted a threat to close the plant should the Union be voted in. The Labor board (or whoever in Canada) ruled in favor of the Union, and instead of requiring another vote, certified the Union for the plant. The impact of Lean Manufacturing on this event was the vote by the hourly workforce, at the first opportunity, to decertify the Union, maintaining the management/hourly relationship in operating and improving the business.

Mark was called away from Boehmer Box in 2012 by Atlas Holdings LLC, the private equity sponsor of Forest Resources, Canampac and Boehmer Box. Atlas has been, since its’ founding in 1999, building a diverse portfolio of manufacturing businesses. Atlas’ acquisition model is to acquire businesses with some “fixable” level of distress at discounted valuations. This offers the opportunity to realize extraordinary returns from these businesses, when the “distress if fixed”. Lean Manufacturing was recognized by Atlas as a key component to fix/improve the operations across their diverse portfolio of industries, from paper and packaging, to plywood, to automotive components, to capital equipment manufacture, to name a few.

Mark has served as a “sensei” for the Atlas family of businesses. His mission has been to take the message to the businesses, and set them on their way to Lean Manufacturing. Within Forest Resources, Mark has assisted by training Lean Coordinators, setting their initial plans, and monitoring their progress. Over time Mark expects each business to chart their own path and put in place ongoing practices that persist for the long term.

Larry Richard


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February 19, 2018


Re: Mark Young of Lean Process Group

To Whom It May Concern


I have known and worked with Mark Young since 2006 in a variety of challenging manufacturing situations in Canada, the US and Europe. Over the past 12+ years Mark has demonstrated an innate ability to both identify opportunities and execute strategies that improve the operational metrics across all functional areas of a business. His success in this area can be attributed to his ability to build trust with the employees and ensure their support and cooperation in in the deployment of Lean Manufacturing principles. Mark deploys a very structured and pragmatic approach that quickly generates measurable improvements to the overall business.






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January 20, 2018


RE: Effectiveness of Mark Young of Lean Process Group, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:


I have known and worked with Mark Young of Lean Process Group Inc. for about the last decade. Earlier a leader and practitioner within a highly competitive industry, Mark fosters a very innovative approach to the science and application of LEAN principles. He has initiated LEAN Manufacturing processes in three manufacturing facilities for which I was the General Manager. His innovative approaches to train and gain coworker involvement are effective and will measurably improve a manufacturing or service business.


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Richard F. (“Dick”) Baldwin President/Managing Partner