Most companies have not taken the opportunity to capitalize in making their organizations the most effective they can be using the Lean Enterprise.  The reason companies have not focussed on lean is because they either do not understand the process or they do not know how to get started.  LPG can teach, mentor and guide your organization to effective long term results focussing on product, process and people.

  • Lean Management Structure

Changing the operation to a lean thinking culture is only one aspect of the lean enterprise. Changing the way we think and direct our operations is the soft side on how we manage a lean culture. LPG can help you assess your current state and then develop a plan forward which will best suite your management needs. We will look at measurements (KPI’s), methods and culture to help develop a plan.

  • Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Implementing a lean culture in a manufacturing environment can be a daunting task.  LPG will assess your current state and then along with your management team will develop a plan to implement lean manufacturing.  We will look at Vision, where are we going and how are we going to get there. What are our Values, how do we treat each other and how do we want others to treat us. What are the Roles our management team will play, who is on the bus, do we have the right people. We will look at Methods, how we define what we do to ensure consistency and reliability to the process. Measurements or KPI’s are the tool used to report on our progress, measurements are usually trend based and are used to drive consistency. We will train the operation in 5S which is used as the cornerstone of a solid lean manufacturing culture.

  • Lean Training

LPG can deliver training sessions to your organization in a classroom setting. If you are exploring a lean implementation or you want to train your organization in specific topics of lean then LPG can offer full day, half day or a presentation tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Kaisan or Continuous Improvement Events

If you are looking to run a Productivity or continuous improvement event, but are not sure how to organize and effectively run the event, then LPG can help. We will evaluate and run a session which will best utilize your employees to come up with the best solutions possible.