I have a strong operations background and proven leadership skills which have given me the ability to lead organizations towards the goal of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement.  My educational background in Industrial Management Technology along with a working career in Operations Management over the past 32 years, has given me the skill sets to teach, lead and direct companies to best in class.   My objective is to teach employees at every level in the business so they can implement the lessons learned on their own with direction from the Lean Process Group.  My ultimate Goal is to have each of the Organizations I help become self-sufficient with Lean, so they do not require my assistance long term.  My past experience of helping organizations in turnaround situations has given me the ability of directing and helping companies through change management.  Lean Process Group specializes in helping organizations who want to make the change to Lean Manufacturing and/or require the need to look at the Management Structure and the way they conduct the day to day business.  For the organization that always wanted to become a Lean Manufacturer but were unsure how to approach the journey then the solution would be the Lean Process Group, combining economy and results.

In 2006 I started at Boehmer Box in Kitchener Ontario in the position of Director of Operations.  Boehmer had been bought by a U.S. Holding Company out of Bankruptcy. Through the next 5 years I took the operations to World Class Lean Manufacturing.

In 2012 I was asked by the Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Holding Company to become Director of Lean Manufacturing at a corporate level. I travelled across Canada, United States and parts of Europe helping companies in their transition to Lean Manufacturing and in some cases Change Management. In all I was involved with 17 companies dealing in a diverse range of products from box board conversion, paper mills, plywood mills, renewable energy to metal fabrication.

In April of 2015 I went out on my own and started up Lean Process Group with my wife Debbie. Since starting up LPG I have worked with a Plywood Mill in Mississippi, Plumbing Distribution plant in Millerton Ontario, Egg Distribution plant in Kitchener Ontario and a Box Board Converting plant in Boston Massachusetts. With these organizations I have done a variety of work including leading the lean manufacturing journey to teaching to running Kaisan events.

I work on my own therefore when I help a company you know you are getting a dedicated proven asset. My mission is to help no more than two companies at one time therefore giving the full attention to their requirements.